Monday, June 9, 2014

Double Shutterbug Month

Its a big month for me with Shutterbug Magazine.  I have a story about a family horse pack trip in the Sierra last summer running in their July 2014 issue.  Of all the stories I have written for Shutterbug this is one of my favorites because it ties my love of the mountains and adventure, with my love of family. Oh yea a small dose of photography thrown in on the side as well.

In addition to the horse pack story, I wrote a story for the
2014 How-To Guide about how well backpacking and photography mix.  I include a few tricks I have learned after years of carrying a camera into the wilds.

There are several friend including Jen and Francisco who make an appearance in one or both stories.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Bing Again!

Its been a busy couple of months with several writing projects and photos being published all around the world.   Along with Backpacker Magazine and some new work coming out in Shutterbug Magazine, Microsoft bought another one of my shots to use on their Bing home page.  Two shots in less than 30 days!   My photo agency Aurora is killing it for me!

Backpacker Magazine

One of my all time favorite waterfall images is running full page in Backpacker Magazine this month. Glacier National Park is one of my all time favorite places to shoot both wildlife and landscapes, and the glowing spray above St. Mary Falls makes it all worth it!

Pick up a copy of the May issue and enjoy several other amazing waterfall images as well.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Microsoft and Bing!

A few days ago I got an email from a guy in Australia telling me how much he enjoyed my photo on the Bing homepage.   Of course I immediately visited their site and indeed one of my most recognized photos of Yosemite was being used world wide.  Since signing with Aurora Photos last year I have been seeing my work showing up in all sorts of new media world wide.  But of course it was exciting to see that they had made a sale that featured my work so prominently.  Talk about getting paid while getting amazing advertizing!

Thanks Aurora!